36 Volt / 500W Titan Sport Electric Kids Quad – 4 Wheeler ATV With Speed Control – Black

36 Volt / 500W Titan Sport Electric Kids Quad – 4 Wheeler ATV With Speed Control – Black

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36 Volt / 500W Titan  Sport  Electric Kids Quad – 4 Wheeler ATV With  key switch for parental speed control ) Three Speeds :  Low:- 7KM/H , Medium -:15KM/H, High-: 25KM/H .
The Titan  36V/ 500 Watt Electric ATV is one of Top selling kids electric quad . Titan  top features include, 3 Heavy Duty 12 Volt 12 Amp batteries that creates total output of 36 volts, aggressive knobby tires, front & rear hydraulic disk brakes, and great safety features. Talking about safety, the Titan  electric powered ATV is equipped with an ignition key but also includes a second key switch for parental speed control ,  3 selectable speeds with top speeds of 25km/H .
Works with a rechargeable battery 36V 12Ah gives you a running distance of up to 20km (12.5m) from a single charge, with an incredible top speed of 25kmh (15mph). full charge, which takes between 8-9 hours.
It’s an ideal electric Quad for children aged 5 to 9 years of age, who has a lot of details safe and incredible set, so the little kids explore a world full of speed and adrenaline.
 This Electric ATV is a fun, quiet and pollution free way to enjoy off-roading in the outdoors. You will find this Electric ATV an asset at most outdoor events where noisy alternatives are discouraged. Take this Electric ATV to outdoor events like camping and hunting trips. Young hunters can quietly travel the trails without the noise of a loud gas engine! 
so you can forget spending on gasoline ,Also  this vehicle which includes 3 different speed types designed for 3 different stages that you can choose depending on the age of the pilot. I.e., that when you are learning you can enjoy of the first stage leading up to 7 km/h, and while you are developing and learning more, you can try the second stage up to 15 km/h and move on to the last driving up to 25 km/h.

also its wheels of larger diameter for more safety and stability of the pilot. It is capable of carry a load of up to 70 kg which also depends on the speed you want to get.


  • 500 W electric motor
  • Battery 36V / 12Ah Acid 
  • Air Filled Rubber tires
  • Transmission: Chain
  • Colours : Pink , Red , Black , Blue
  • Age range: 5-9 years
  • HORN
  • Disc brake dual delanterone and simple back.
  • Brake lock
  •       Parental Speed Control :
  •      3 Speeds: Low:- 7KM/H , Medium -:15KM/H, High-: 25KM/M 
  •      Run Distance: 20KM  ( with the high capacity 36V9Ah lead acid battery gives you a running distance of up to 20km )
  • Low battery indicator to load.
  • 2 shock absorbers front and rear integrated.
  • Engine with reverse gear and transmission through toothed chain.
  • Weight 47kg
  • Maximum weight supported 70kg
  • Charging time: 8-9 hours
  • Dimensions: L 105cm x W 60cm x H 59cm
  • Autonomy of 20-25 Km Max. (According to the conditions of the terrain and average speed of the driver)
  • Seat height: 50 cm
  • Wheels: 4.10-4
  •       High DMHC Controller 
  •      SAA Charger 
  •      Asbestos Free


WARNING:Before use, read fully the manuals, warnings of security, maintenance, inspection, use of batteries and
keep the manual which is provided with the product, for future  future reference. This product is not intended for use by the areas designated for vehicles. Please see the municipal legislation in your area, on the use of this product.

Additional Information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 70 cm


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